Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Exmark - Perfect Site Property Maintenance We are ready to assist with you a maintenance program that’s just right for you and your property. With our knowledge and experienced staff, we are confident you will be completely satisfied with our many services. Our maintenance crew is highly skilled and trained to maintain your property to your level of satisfaction. Our lawn equipment is the best in the industry and is maintained on a regular basis to optimize peak performance. Mowing of a lawn must be done at proper heights, with sharp blades, and with trained technicians that do not tear up your lawn.

Our Weekly Lawn Maintenance includes:

Lawns will be mowed weekly or as needed, depending upon growing conditions. All manicured lawn areas are mowed weekly and clippings removed. Power trimmers will be used to cut grass up close to obstacles, bordering woods lines, and edges of beds. Power trimmers will be used to edge sidewalks and driveways bordering the lawn. All hard surface areas blown clear of grass clippings and other debris. Debris such as felled tree limbs will be removed from planting beds and lawn areas.

Whether it is a basic lawn cutting agreement or a comprehensive maintenance package, we can offer you an array of services listed below.

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